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Armand Serrano

Visual Development Artist and Production Designer

Armand Serrano is a Filipino-American Visual Development Artist and Production Designer for animated feature films. He is known for his works at Walt Disney Animation Studios and Sony Pictures Animation. He has been in in the animation industry for almost 3 decades. He is also known as a lecturer in the field of animation and design. He conducts workshops and demos internationally. Armand also teaches online at CG Masters Academy and co-organizer of Icon Manila together with his wife.

Armand started his career as an assistant animator at Fil-Cartoons, a Hanna Barbera studio based in Manila, just right after finishing his civil engineering degree at the University of Santo Tomas in 1990.  His new-found passion for animation moved him to Philippine Animation Studio and supervised the layout department for Marvel's overseas production of X-Men and Fantastic Four TV series to name a few. He moved to Los Angeles in the mid 90's and took further studies in layout and background design. Armand joined the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Florida in 1996 and became a Layout Journeyman. He worked on four of the studio's successful animated feature films: Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch and Brother Bear. In 2004, Armand joined the crew of the newly formed Sony Pictures Animation. During his nine years stay at Sony, Armand completed a total of fifteen projects including Surf's Up, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, Arthur Christmas and Hotel Transylvania. He also collaborated independently in visually developing Escape From Planet Earth for Vancouver-based Rainmaker Entertainment and production design on soon-to-be-released Animal Crackers for Blue Dream Studio Spain. Armand moved back to his home at Disney Animation Studio in 2013. His latest credits with Disney include the award-winning Big Hero 6, Zootopia and the 2017 featurette,Olaf's Frozen Adventure.

Armand is also a sought after concept designer for games and TV commercials with clients that include Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Blur Studio, Reel FX, Laika House, Charlex and 321 Launch.






Big Hero 6

Hotel Transylvania

Arthur Christmas

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Surf’s Up

Brother Bear

Lilo & Stitch