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Aycan Basar

Freelance Character Designer / Illustrator

Aycan Basar is a freelance character designer, illustrator and a 78% bittersweet chocolate enthusiast based in Istanbul. She graduated from the Academy of Art University, MFA 2d animation program with Fulbright grant, and holds a previous Degree in Graphic design from the Bilkent University. She is currently working for short animated lms and illustrating children's books. Her passion on thinking in motion and designing villain characters inspire her a lot. In the side she likes to develop her own stories and characters. She had chance to design and direct two animated shorts so far, called Frame 2011 and RIPrivacy 2017. More of her work can be seen on her website.







Alice in Wonderland (Book)

Nancy’s Toybox (Book)

Time Stop!/ Dur Zaman (Book)

What Am I Missing? (Book)