Chiara Benedetti

Visual Development artist and Color artist

Born in 1991 in Modena, Italy, Chiara Benedetti began her studies as a graphic designer while in high school. When Chiara was 18, she was studying 3D graphic, animation and visual FX. As a child, Chiara used to draw on a little sketchbook or a piece of paper she would find near her. While studying, Chiara participated in many workshops for animation and concept art, which helped her figure out what she really loved to do.

Chiara is the the creator and illustrator of 'Woozy the Fearful Bear', a little series of two illustrated children's books. One of Chiara's favorite technique is the mixing of digital and traditional media - like watercolor and painting in Photoshop. She loves to give a traditional feel to her work. Light, colors and story are the main focus of Chiara's work and she puts a lot of attention on the feeling of painting more than anything else. Currently, Chiara is working as a concept designer and color artist on a feature production for Hasbro in Boulder Media, in Dublin.







Woozy the Fearful Bear