Dennis Salvatier (“tanoshiboy”)

Illustrator, Designer and Art Director

Dennis Salvatier, a kid of the 80s and 90s, was heavily influenced by the cartoons, movies and comic books of the time. He could be found on Saturday mornings, in front of the tv with a big bowl of sugary cereal. He began drawing as soon as he could pick up a crayon and was creating his own comics and board games while he was in grade school––graduating to animating his own films in high school. After graduating from art school, he was ready for the big bad creative world. He added to his skillset along the way, by working at various design labs, screen printers and small studios, obnoxiously quoting his favorite movies and shows the whole time.

A job loss in 2010 inspired him to venture out on his own. Inspired by his love of Japanese culture, he took the name ‘tanoshiboy’. His design and illustration work, based on the pop culture characters of his youth, soon caught the eyes of small galleries in the U.S and abroad, as well as sites like Geek Tyrant and Slash Film. He’s tackled everyone from Batman to Super Mario, injecting his unique style of bright colors and humor, regularly hiding easter eggs for those with keen eyes. He’s worked with companies like Disney and NBC Universal and his work has been seen in pop culture galleries such as Gallery 1988, Bottleneck Gallery and Hero Complex Gallery. He works and lives in Los Angeles, CA as an Art Director and can be found on Saturday mornings, in front of the tv with a big bowl of sugary cereal with his wife and young son.








NBC Universal

Gallery 1988

Bottleneck Gallery

Hero Complex Gallery