Francisco Herrera

Art Director/ Comic Books/ Character Designer

CAREER HISTORY: 1994 worked at small projects in Warner Bros Company with Looney Tunes, From 1998-2000, worked as freelance at Disney Consumer Products Mexico being the Disney official character designer.

In 2000, started working in the American comic book industry at Dark Horse Comics (SPY BOY & STAR WARS TALES). 2001-2003,D.C. Comics (WILDSTORM), published his first own project done with Humberto Ramos called KMKZ (KAMIKAZE) created with his team formed by Olallo Rubio, Carlos Lobo Cuevas & Leonardo Olea.. Then he jumped to D.C. Comics with (THUNDER CATS, SUPERMAN & TEEN TITANS GO!)

From 2003-2005 started working for Marvel Comics (Peter Parker Spider-Man & Venom), In 2005 worked for first time in Europe AT the French Editorial Company, Soleil in a book called Ashes, working at the same time in Aspen COMICS, Soulfire New World Order.

2006-2007 Francisco became the official character artist at Warner Bros Consumer Products working in Mexico for style guides CMLL Lucha Libre & Looney Toons AND MORE. Between this years, he published his first sketchbook about his work.

At the beginning of 2008 he worked for Dream Works animation as a concept character design (MEGA MIND), then he moved to Paris to work as a character design for a French animation movie THE PRODIGIES. And he start his own Toy Company RABIA, with Humberto Ramos AND Jorge Juarez

2009-2010, He start working with WB and Anima Studios as a character design for a feature animation film (TOP CAT)

2011 Until now he had 6 Hardcover Sketchbooks out!, 2 with tips about how to design character (IN 3 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES) THE MAGIC BOX SERIES!

From 2012 -2014 he started a project with Director (Disney animator) Raul Garcia and award winner author Cornelia Funke (reckless, ink world trilogy) for a new graphic novel and feature animation film Bitten! (Little Werewolf, Cornelia Funke’s children book). Also working with Marvel Video Games as a character artist for X Men Battle of Atom and the new Mexican Spiderman for comic books and video games.

In 2015 created a new brand of children’s books and new animation concepts for tv and films with Rob Schneider And the Gamble Family.

Also bringing to life a new Disney toy line (Disney Shorts) and (SODAZ), launching a new company GOMA; an enterprise specialized in the creation, design and development of new brands and properties.

Still working for MARVEL COMICS, Disney Consumer product, Disney Interactive, Disney Live events and Disney Feature Animation as an ARTIST, art directoR for life size figures, toys and special projects plus more books, characters and crazy things!







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