Jessica Oyhenart

Lead Illustrator & Visual Designer at Riot Games

Jessica Oyhenart graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Communication Arts in 2007. Chasing a love of video games, movies, comics and Disney Princesses, she found her way into the game industry as a concept artist, illustrator and visual designer, working on titles like Bomberman Live: BattleFest, Bonk: Brink of Extinction, Rockband 2, Words with Friends, and more. Jessica is currently a Lead Illustrator and Visual Designer at Riot Games, helping define the style of the League Client Update before joining the Splash Team.

She worked on illustrations for gameplay updates like Akali, Evelynn, Irelia, and Kayle & Morgana, as well as new champion splashes and skins like Zoe and Victorious Orianna.