John Giang

Concept Artist and Illustrator

John Giang is a concept artist and illustrator, having done work for films, video games, comics, and toy design. He is currently a independent freelance artist, and has worked with Industrial Light and Magic, Marvel Studios, Legendary, Hasbro, McFarlane, Nickelodeon, and many more. John's has worked on films such as Rogue One, Force Awakens, TMNT movies, The Avengers movies, Pacific Rim, Iron Man movies, Captain America Winter Solider, Transformers, Star Trek, and Rango. John Giang has worked with Lucasfilm, Lego, Marvel, Udon, McFarlane, Legendary, Hasbro, and many others. Here, we see one of the many concept art pieces he did for the film, Pacific Rim.








TMNT -  Out of the Shadows ::: Concept Artist

Avengers Age of Ultron ::: Concept Artist

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 ::: Concept Artist

Captain America Winter Soldier ::: Concept Artist

Pacific Rim ::: Concept Artist

The Avengers ::: Concept Artist

Iron Man 2 ::: Concept Artist