Jonathan Hardesty

Fine Artist

Born in Dallas, TX in 1980, Jonathan’s first artistic endeavor began at the University of Pennsylvania where he started basic drawing and figure drawing courses. At the age of 22, his drive for more rigorous and traditional training led him to apply to the classical realist atelier, Pantura Studios, to study under masters Hans-Peter Szameit and SannaTomac. After studying for nearly three years, Jonathan and his wife moved to Dallas, Texas where he began building his body of work and honing his skill set. In addition, for over ten years, he has been teaching traditional atelier methods to a small group of committed and talented students through multiple platforms. 

In 2008, Jonathan created the first online atelier, Classical Art Online. Hundreds of students have worked through his program successfully. More recently, Jonathan has started instructing students through Schoolism, an online art education site.  Jonathan’s class, Essentials of Realism, has been highly successful and has already helped hundreds of students build their artistic foundation.

Jonathan has sold many paintings and his work is included in various collections throughout the United States. Jonathan has also been exhibited in invitational shows both nationally and in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area. Jonathan currently lives in York, Pennsylvania with his wife, three children, and his parrot.