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Kenny Vo

Visual Development / Concept Artist

Born In Texas, Kenny began learning concept at at Brainstorm School in 2015. He is currently a Visual Development/Concept Artist based in Burbank California working on a variety of projects from film, games, animation theme parks and more. In his spare time he likes to challenge his culinary skills with ingredients that he’s never heard of, brew exotic coffees in overly complex ways, and serve two cats better than most royalty.





Walt Disney Imagineering - Blue Sky Concepts, Production Art, Key Art

Riot Games - Blue Sky Concepts, Pitch Art

Blizzard Entertainment - Cinematic Keyframe Art, Card Illustrations

Infinity Ward - Key Frame Pitch Art 

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment - Environment / Architecture Design

Respawn Entertainment - Weapon Skin Design

Sony Interactive Entertainment - Character Design

Super Evil Megacorp - Architecture Design, Splash Art

Daybreak Studios - Style / Look Development, Environment Design

Amazon Game Studios - Blue Sky Concept, Environment Designs