Mark Andrews


Mark Andrews has been in the entertainment industry for the last 25 years. Beginning his career as a story artist, he’s worked in Animated and Live Action on films such as The Iron GiantThe IncrediblesSamurai Jack, and Spider-Man: The Animated Series. He won an Emmy for his work on Star Wars: Clone Wars: The Animated Series

He co wrote and was 2nd unit director on John Carter of Mars and won an Oscar directing Brave. But being a filmmaker isn’t his only occupation. Mark has run the story internship at Pixar for six years and has taught at CalArts, CCA, Animation Collaborative as well as given lectures at Art Academy, Chapman University, UCLA, USC, and the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland to name a few. Mark has a passion for storytelling, whether it be animation, live action, comic books, novels, or other. He’s committed to pushing the technology to better create engaging dynamic storytelling. He lives in Oakland with his wife, children, two dogs. And has on occasion been known to wield a sword and play the drums.



The Iron Giant

The Incredibles

Samurai Jack

Spider-Man: The Animated Series.