Nikolas Ilic

Character Designer / Illustrator / Vis Dev Artist

Nikolas Ilic is an Emmy award winning production artist. He specializes in character design, illustration and visual development for the animation industry and children's books.

Born and raised in Canada , Nikolas graduated from Sheridan College in 2011 , where he received his Bachelors degree in Animation. Since graduating he has collaborated with Warner Animation Group, DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Animation, Illumination Entertainment, Disney TV Animation, Warner Brothers Animation, JibJab Bros. Studios and Random House among others.

He is currently living in Los Angeles, California. He has a passion for both animation and children's books and is always interested in new opportunities.

Other Clients include: Penguin Kids, HarperCollins, Hornet Animation, Animation Collaborative, Sesame Workshop, Academy Creative, Toonbox Entertainment, Arc Productions and more.







Warner Animation Group

DreamWorks Animation

Sony Pictures Animation

Illumination Entertainment

Disney TV Animation

Warner Brothers Animation

JibJab Bros. Studios

Random House