Sam Nielson

Concept Artist

Sam Nielson has been making video games since his youth, starting in his early teens with the games he made in the basement with his older brother. Sam used one of these games as his portfolio to get a job with a game studio at the age of 16. After establishing his career in video games, Sam returned to college, studying at Brigham Young University. While a student there, he was instrumental in the development of the computer-animated short "Pajama Gladiator", which later won the Student Academy Award for Animation in 2009. Sam graduated Magna Cum Laude from BYU in 2007. He has accumulated extensive experience in modeling, rendering, surfacing, and lighting in a career spanning 16 years and counting. Sam's unique, scientific approach to art and painting has been driven by his innate fascination with science. His marriage into a family of physicists hasn't hurt either. His inner drive to learn, combined with his access to invaluable resources, allow him to constantly incorporate new knowledge into his artistic philosophy and process.






Disney Infinity

"The Hobbit" (videogame)

"Toy Story 3" (videogame)

"Bolt" (videogame)