Suheb Zako

Story Artist and Visual Development Artist

Suheb is a French artist, born in 1990 near Paris. After a year in a comics workshop, he completed a two-year program in a Luxemburg 2D animation school. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work on feature films in Paris as a story artist and a Visdev artist. His narrative works and style are inspired by many great artists such as Miyazaki, Toriyama, Nine, and Klocek, to name a few. He approaches his work by expressing an emotion, by playing with rhythms and shapes in the composition. Storytelling is important in his work. Today he continues to work in various roles in the animation industry. Besides, he just released his first comic book called “Dreams Factory” with Jérôme Hamon and the French publisher Soleil/Delcourt , "Collection Métamorphose".






Dreams Factor

Collection Métamorphose